Broadway Pier


  • Renovations to Broadway Pier, San Diego, CA: Structural rehabilitation involving the demolition and reconstruction of Broadway Pier. The concrete berthing pier was built in 1913 to 825 x 130 wide dimensions with a 1930 extension of 200. We provided above and below water inspections, structural design for demolition and reconstruction of the pier to accommodate vessels 800 in length.

  • Pier J-K, NAS North Island, San Diego, CA: Reconstruction of 800 long concrete pier structure involving new prestressed piles, cast-in-place concrete deck, wood fender system and all new utility systems.

  • Crystal Pier Extension & Repair, City of San Diego, Pacific Beach, CA: Design of 240 LF extension of wood pier with water and electrical utilities.

  • Wave Attenuation Pier, Chula Vista, CA: Design of 700 LF concrete pier with prestressed concrete piles.

  • Piers 159, 160, 169 and 302 Repairs, Naval Ocean Systems Center, Point Loma, CA: Structural steel, timber and concrete repairs to existing pier and float structures. Pile jacketing and new pile installation was included.

  • Dredge Main Channel from Pier 7 to Coronado Bridge, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA: Prime design A&E for dredging to 37 MLLW, beach replenishment and environmental documentation and permitting.

  • Repair Quaywall between Piers 1 and 2, Naval Station, San Diego, CA: Prime A&E design for new absorbing fender system, new concrete & steel quaywall, waterfront construction management and construction strategy to maintain active berthing for the Fleet during construction.

  • Repair and Upgrade to Fuel Berthing Pier, Point Loma, San Diego, CA: Prime A&E design including above and below water inspections, new energy absorbing fender system, concrete repairs to existing pier and waterfront construction management / construction strategy to maintain fueling operations during construction.